Rest And Fly Arlanda

Rest and Fly Arlanda airport is a new concept hotel that offers customers comfortable affordable accommodation by simply stripping away all the uneccessary axtras.
Stripping away these uneccessary extras such as minibars and other luxury facilities, helps them to keep the prices low so that people can enjoy their stay knowing that it has not cost them a small fortune.

The Rest and Fly hotels work on the philosophy of ‘why should it cost more to wait than fly?’

Location Of The Rest And Fly Arlanda Hotel

Located within ‘SkyCity’ between the Domestic flights area of Terminal 4 & Terminal 5 and easy walking distance of Arlanda airport terminals. Also situated next to the many shops and restaurants, this hotel is a popular choice with many passengers looking for a place to stay whilst waiting for their flight.

Facilities At The Rest And Fly Arlanda Hotel

The hotel has 66 rooms and there are several different rooms on offer. There are rooms with bunk beds, single rooms and multi bed rooms. Each room has 2 beds and allows upto 4 guests, which means if there is a party of 4 people, you will need to share.

The rooms do not have their own onsuite bathrooms and bathrooms are located on the corridors ouside the rooms.

The Rest and Fly hotels offer passenger the ideal place to rest, relax and wait for their connecting flight in a safe environment. The hotel recognises the need and requirements of passengers flying from the airport and as a result, offers many deals that passengers can take full advantage of such as overnight rooms, day rooms and ready made-up beds.

Even if you do not require a room, the hotel provides passengers with the option of simply just using the hotels facilities and freshening up or having a shower.

The hotel is open 365 days per year and as you can imagine, it gets full very quickly, especially at peak times. It is advisable to pre-book your room in advanceto ensure you have a room for the dates of your travel.

Charges At The Rest And Fly Arlanda Hotel

Overnight rooms At The Rest and Fly Arlanda Hotel

Overnight rooms are allocated on a 10 hour basis and guests can extend their stay if required. Every hour over the basic 10 hour period is charged on a ‘per hour’ basis of 25 SEK per hour (approximately £2.25 at the time of writing).

Day Rooms are purchased on an hourly basis. The first hour is a standard rate and then every consecutive hour over the standard hour is charged at an hourly rate of 50SEK (approximately £4.50 at the time of writing).

Shower Only Option

The Rest and Fly hotel at Arlanda offers passengers the option to freshen up fter their flight. Passengers can use the hotels shower facilities for a small charge of 85SEK (approximately £7.60 at the time of writing), this includes towels, shampoo and shower gel.


Breakfast is served at the ‘Simply Coffe’ restaurant around the corner from the hotel breakfast is not included in with the room price and is an extra 80SEK per person (approximately £7.20 at the time of writing).


Guest at the Rest And Fly hotel requiring long term parking, can receive a special rate when pre-booked.