Arlanda Express

The quickest way to and from Arlanda airport to Stockholm, is the Arlanda Express.  Not only is it the quickest form of transfer from Arlanda airport, it is the most enviromentally friendly one.


Arlanda ExpressThe Arlanda Express, is a high speed train that connects the airport to Stockholm centre and takes around 20 minutes, with no stops. It is very efficient and guarantees you arrive on time. In fact, it is currently offering a guarantee that you arrive on time and if you arrive more than 2 minutes late, you will receive a new ticket!

The Arlanda Express train transfers passengers to the Central Station in Stockholm and from there, passengers can proceed with their onward journey by either using public transport such as the bus, the Underground or private transport such as a taxi.

Where To Buy Arlanda Express Tickets

You can purchase your tickets online before you travel (which is probably the easiest way) or at several of the ticket offices located in varies positions either at Arlanda airport or the Central station in Stockholm.

There are ticket offices on platforms 1 & 2 at Central Station in Stockholm and these are open from 4.15am – 11pm on Sunday through til Friday and then 4.15am – 9pm on Saturday.

You will also find ticket offices in the Arlanda Centre in Terminal 5 at Arlanda airport and also at the Swedavia desks in the airport.

Tickets can also be purchased from the ticket machines at both Arlanda airport and Central Station but you cannot purchase the ‘Travel Card’ from the ticket machines.

It is possible to purchase a ticket on the train but you will incur a 50SEK surcharge if you do.

Many travel agencies also sell Arlanda Express tickets.

How Can I Pay For My Ticket On the Arlanda Express And Do They Accept Credit Cards

Cash is accepted on the train and there are many credit cards that you can use to buy your ticket onboard the train.  However, some cards are not accepted onboard, so it is best to be be sure before you get onboard.

The following cards are not accepted on the Arlanda Express train: Electron and Maestro