Arlanda Airport Parking

Parking at Arlanda airport is not a problem.  The airport offerss passengers many different alteratives for parking and it is simply down to your preference, budget and duration as to which kind of parking you choose.

All for terminals have access to parking, which means you are never to far away from your departure terminal.

The airport offers, multi storey parking and outdoor parking.  Each terminal has multi storey car parking facilities close at hand.  The outdoor car parks are a short walking distance from the terminals and these have a maximum stay of 90 days.  The Sky City car park in located in the heart of the airport between terminals 4&5.

Parking at Terminal 5 is manned 24 hours and you can leave your car keys and parking ticket with customer services.

Drop Offs & Pick Ups

There is designated parking for vehicles that are dropping off or picking up passengers, most of these designated parking area have a maximum stay of 1 hour.

Long Term Parking

Passengers requiring long term parking at a cheaper rate can park in one of two parking areas, these are Arlanda Langtid Beta and Arlanda Langtid Alfa.  With both these car parks, passengers receive free bus transfer from the car park to the airport and then on return, from the airport to car park.

Arlanda Langtid Alfa –  Is the cheapest option of the two.  It is fully secure with surveillance cameras and although you do get FREE bus transfer to and from the airport, you do not receive the many axtras that you receive with Arlanda Langtid Beta.

Arlanda Langtid Beta – Is some distance from the airport terminals but a FREE transfer bus is provided.  This car park is fully secure with surveillance cameras and offers full customer support.  Passengers parking in the Arlanda Langtid airport are also entitled to a complimentary breakdown service which covers your car should you need a jump start or tow etc.

Parking For People With Disablities

Arlanda Airport provides designated parking space in all of it’s multi storey car parks.  It also provide parking spaces in the drop off areas, these spaces have a maimum parking time of 3 hours and drivers should make their disabled badge fully visible.

Car Wash

In the Sky City car park, it is possible to have your car washed plus other extras.