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Due to the fact that Arlanda airport is a busy International airport and has many airlines and flights landing from various countries worldwide each day, it is always a good idea to keep informed about Arlanda airport arrivals. This is especially important if you are collecting passengers from the airport because the last thing you need is to arrive at the airport in good time only to find out that there has been a delay.  Unfortunately, delays do occur and keeping informed about arrivals will ensure you don’t waste time turning up too early! At the bottom of this page you can check all the up to date information on all Arlanda airport arrivals by using the simple widget that displays all the relevant information you will need to keep up to date on any delays that been have occurred on flights to Arlanda airport.

Arlanda Airport Arrivals Procedures

When you land at Arlanda airport, your aircraft will taxi into the allocated parking bay and then you will need to wait until the ground support staff at the airport have securely attached the stairs for you to safely disembark the aircraft. You will then need to make your way from the aircraft to the main airport terminal building. If you require assistance to and from the aircraft at Arlanda airport, you should contact the airline or the airport prior to your date of travel and they will be able to arrange so that members of staff will be at the airport waiting to assist you upon your arrival.

Security And Passport Control

Please Note: Sweden is part of the Schengen Zone and if you are travelling from another country that is part of the Schengen state or you are an EU Citizen or have a Schengen Visa, you may not be required to present your passport.

As with any major International airport, once you arrive at Arlanda airport, there are several procedures that you will be required to undertake before you can make your way into the main Arrivals hall. The first of these procedures will be you needing to clear security.  In order to be allowed to pass through security, you will be required to present your passport at Passport Control and any other documentation that is required for your entry into Sweden.  It is advisable to check before you travel what documents you will need and ensure you have all the required documents prior to travelling. This will eliminate any difficulties that may arise upon your arrival at Arlanda airport were you not to have the correct documents on your person. Although the airport is busy with  flights arriving at regular intervals throughout the day and night, the staff at Arlanda airport are very efficient and ensure that this process is quick.

Baggage Reclaim At Arlanda Airport Arrivals

Once you have successfully cleared customs and Passport Control at the airport, you will be free to make your way to the baggage reclaim area where you can collect any hold luggage that you have checked-in for your flight.  At the baggage reclaim area, there are several carousels and each flight arrival is allocated its own carousel. Each carousel has a monitor located overhead and will have a flight number displayed on it.  Simply find the carousel that has your flight number displayed on it and await your luggage.  This process should not take long but as you can imagine, at peak periods it can take a while longer for each flight to be processed. Obviously, if you are only travelling light and only have hand luggage, you will not be need to wait in the baggage reclaim area and can make your way straight to the main arrivals exit area. Inside the baggage reclaim area at Arlanda airport there are several facilities for passengers and there are also toilets for passengers whom may require a stop or simple wish to freshen up after their flight before continuing with their onward journey.

Once you have successfully reclaimed your luggage, you can then make your way to the main arrivals exit area.  In the main arrivals exit area, you will see a large number of facilities such as shops and cafes and this is where you will find car hire companies and other information regarding airport transfers. If you have pre-booked car hire from Arlanda airport, then you will need to make your way to the appropriate car rental desk, with the relevant documentation for your booking. If you have booked an all inclusive package holiday that has airport transfer included with the package,  the main exit area is where you will be greeted by your representative. If you have pre booked a taxi from Arlanda airport or private shuttle transfer, the main arrivals will generally be the place that your driver will be waiting for you.

There are a wide range of transfer options that are available to passengers from Arlanda airport and if you are unsure as to which one is the best for you, simply make your way to one of the information desks that are located in the main terminal building and a member of staff will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry. If you are wishing to reach the centre of Stockholm, you will not have any difficulties finding a form of transport to meet both your requirements and budget.

Outside the main arrivals exit is where you will find buses and taxis.  If you are unsure as to where you can find transport for your transfer, you can ask on of the airport staff who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

To learn more about the airport transfers options at Arlanda airport, simply click on the link: Arlanda Airport Transfers

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